Making Pharma Democratic

who are we?

Nosty is a decentralized platform where stakeholders in drug development work together to bring new therapeutics to patients faster and more efficiently than ever.

The platform enables leading researchers and labs to raise fund among patients and the general public by turning IP and its development into a liquid and easily investable asset.

The project is led by a team of serial entrepreneurs and professionals from the pharmaceutical industry, based in US and Europe.

What do we do?

Enable Anyone to Invest in Future of Pharma

Through IPNFTs we enable stakeholders like patients and the general public to invest in invest in ambitious research projects selected for their potential to create new medicines

Supporting the Development of Tokenized Intellectual Property

We support researchers from the development of their intellectual property to its transformation into therapeutics, through the development of a DAO


Democratizing the funding of scientific research will lead to major breakthroughs and innovations. We aim to provide treatments for unmet medical needs and transform the lives of many patients.

How does it work?


After selecting the scientific projects, we tokenize its intellectual property with the creation of an IP-NFT collection. You then become the part owner of the intellectual property of the research.

Continue work

With the funds raised from the sale of the NFT collection, the researcher can continue his research and apply for a patent.


Support for projects by a specialist DAO. Alignment of economic interests between the different actors.


Creation of a start-up exploiting the patent or a license agreement with a pharmaceutical company. Return on investment for the owners of the IP-NFT and development of the Nosty ecosystem.


Stop wasting time and money on returns

Turnr gives brands the control and flexibility to automate, simplify and improve the full reverse logistics process.

Go shopper-first

Offer sleek, branded one click exchanges, returns and claims to boost conversion and loyalty

Return it forward

Tap into the power of C2C by selling and sending returns directly from shopper to shopper

Close the fashion loop

Become truly circular by letting shoppers resell, repair and recycle their wardrobe

Connect the threads

Gather insights woven together from product performance, return reasons and shopper behavior

Our Vision

Decentralizing the pharmaceutical industry to make it more efficient.

The pharmaceutical industry is going through a deep productivity crisis: developing a new drug costs twice as much every 9 years, this empirical law is called Eroom's Law.

Decentralized Science and IP-NFTS could lead to the development of new treatments and therapies that would not have been possible without this type of decentralized funding model.


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Let’s work together!

Whether you are a scientist, a professional in the pharmaceutical industry, a patient or want to invest in research, book a free consultation.